In 2006 JSC Ingenium deployed its 3G Core Infrastructure Network for the first time in Spain, for Telecable, a regional cable operator. Since then, it has been clearly and firmly committed to becoming a leading international infrastructure provider

It currently has operational deployments in 15 countries and serves more than 40 Mobile Operators, including Network and Virtual Operators.

JSC Ingenium‘s technology -Full Core + OSS (OCS) y BSS– is especially designed for MVNOs, regardless of:

  • The type and size:



Cable/Fixed Operator

Regional Operator

  • The activity:
    • Services for individuals and businesses
    • Niche services
    • Quadruple play
    • Machine to Machine
    • Multi-IMSI
    • VoIP
    • Services for social grups
    • Community services
    • Banking
    • The automobile industry


  • The technology on which they operate:

Core MVNOs: Tecnologias sobre las que opera


  • The coverage:
    • Domestic
    • Multi-country


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