• Virgin Mobile, the largest MVNO in Poland, chooses JSC Ingenium’s TaaS (Telco as a Service) technology to migrate its mobile telephony service and become a full MVNO.
  • Virgin Mobile launches successfully its Cloud infrastructure

 Virgin Mobile reached an agreement with JSC Ingenium in 2016 for the commissioning of its TaaS technology in private mode, in order to migrate its mobile service to JSC’s new cloud infrastructure, and start operating as a Full MVNO.

The new mobile service of Virgin Mobile Poland is already a reality. Its launch has been a success and has also enabled the launch of its new post-paid service “Abonament”.

Cliente JSC Ingenium Virigin Mobile

JSC Ingenium’s Telco as a Service solution gives Virgin Mobile a complete geo-redundant Core infrastructure – OSS + BSS – in the cloud to provide 2G, 3G and 4G mobile telephony services. It also allows it to offer its subscribers all the national roaming agreements currently offered by its Host Operator Play.

TaaS fulfils all the brand’s requirements in terms of flexibility, availability, capacity, ubiquity and immediacy. It has been designed in order to facilitate operation and maintenance of the service as much as possible, and also provide complete autonomy and independence from the network operator. A second key objective is to facilitate the launch of new services and functionality quickly and easily, without compromising the service or the operator’s network.

Virgin Mobile Poland’s private TaaS model also has an added advantage – its ability to provide a multi-country and multi-host service, which will allow Virgin to offer services to other subsidiaries in central and eastern Europe – in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc. – with no need for additional infrastructure deployments, while being able to manage the service in each country in a fully customised and independent way.

About Virgin Mobile Poland.

Based in Warsaw, Virgin Mobile operates as MVNO, under the direction of Grazyna Piotrowska-Oliva, President of Virgin Mobile Poland, since 2012, offering mobile services in prepaid model over the Play network. In 2017 launches its new postpaid service Abonament.

Virgin Mobile Poland is part of Virgin Group, an international holding company founded by British tycoon Richard Branson in 1970. The group has divisions in industries such as financial services, travel, music, books, sports or space flights, among others. The mobile telephony division is present in 12 countries. Virgin Poland belongs to the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Among its plans for the future, the company is about to centralize the operation of the mobile service for all countries in the region.

For further information: www.virginmobile.pl