Eight years after its commercial launch as a Full MVNO in 2008, Telecable continues to place its trust in JSC Ingenium technology to expand its portfolio of services, provide 4G, and migrate its 160,000 mobile telephony subscribers from the current Vodafone coverage to the new Movistar network.

Once again, JSC Ingenium has been the supplier chosen by Telecable to update its existing network infrastructure to JSC’s new CORE R4 technology.  The main reason that has prompted Telecable to carry out this update has been the opportunity to offer 4G services to its base of subscribers and to expand its portfolio of mobile services. At the same time, Telecable has reached an agreement with Movistar to use its network coverage and have access to 4G/LTE, which will entail the migration of all its subscribers to the new radio network.

JSC’s CORE R4 technology will provide Telecable with a comprehensive mobile core infrastructure (2G, 3G and 4G), expand its portfolio of mobile telephony services including 4G, and allow it to enjoy the highest levels of flexibility, versatility and performance in the management of its own network.Logo telecable

The most notable new features of CORE R4 include its deployment of convergent nodes such as the voicemail facility and the landline-mobile portability node, as well as the incorporation of new network elements like GGSN/PDN GW and PCRF, which are all technologies developed completely in-house by JSC.

In addition to rolling out with high levels of availability (local redundancy of each logic element), it is georedundant in two different physical locations, ensuring continuity and quality of service in the event of severe contingencies at any location.

JSC will work closely with Telecable on integration with its new Host Operator and on the migration of the entire customer base, which will take place in stages, in a manner that is completely transparent for the subscriber, during the first half of 2017.

Telecable reaffirms its trust in JSC Ingenium with this agreement. From the beginning, this trust has been based on work well done, the constant pursuit of excellence in service and a firm commitment by JSC to always having the latest technology at all times, which helps its customers deliver the highest standards of quality, innovation and service.


Telecable is a key player in the development of the information society in Asturias, and has provided services as a convergent quintuple-play operator since 2008 (landline and mobile telephony, Internet access, pay-per-view television and Wi-Fi services). The company, which belongs to the Zegona Group, currently has a 40% market share in broadband, 31% in landline telephony, and 16% in mobile telephony in Asturias, with 160,000 active subscribers. Telecable continues to expand its services on an ongoing basis, based on the technological advantage provided by the optical fibre which covers more than 3,000 kilometres in Asturias. Telecable, which has around about 170,000 residential and corporate clients, directly employs 180 people in Asturias, although a group of partner companies in the region has also developed around the company, specialising in design, laying and installation of telecommunications networks and equipment, civil works, marketing services, etc. Telecable thereby generates around 750 jobs indirectly, including 150 jobs at the company’s Contact Center in Asturias.

For further information:  www.telecable.es