Policy and Charging Firewatch Studio

“This is the most powerful and comprehensive policy management tool on the market because of its ease of use, speed and flexibility”

Firewatch Studio is the management tool that allows each client-involved department to do its work in the offer definition process using a simple and user-friendly interface.

Policy and Charging

Price and Policy Plan –Editor

Defines pricing policies using libraries of times, locations, services, QoS, etc.

Price and Policy Plan –Simulator

Price and policy definitions in a closed environment can be checked by:
• Interactive trials.     • Batch trials.

JSC Ingenium Firewatch Studio

Firewatch Studio allows enables you to design and publish a new price plan:

  • in a matter of hours (less than a day).
  • simply and intuitively, “anytime, anywhere”.
  • with no need to depend on the technical team.
  1. significantly reduces the “Time to Market
  2. it allows you to react quickly to the actions of your competitors, minimizing their effect.