MVNOs: Full Core + BSS

JSC Ingenium‘s MVNO Technology has full 3G/4G CORE Infrastructure, as well as a BSS (Business Support System), thereby offering customers a turn-key modular solution, easily and quickly deployable, from a very low entry level.



Cable/Fixed Operator

Regional Operator

Irrespective of the model which you want to operate under (a Brand reseller or Full MVNO) and can also be used by operators who are already providing a service, and want to take the final step from a Light to a Full MVNO.

JSC Ingenium Full Core + BSS

CORE Network general characteristics:

  • Complete 3G/4G core network
  • High level of flexibility:
    • develop your own pricing plans, vouchers, promotional campaigns…
    • to develop new services and integrate new service nodes
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    • based on a reduced cost of access, with enormous growth potential
    • general purpose hardware
  • Fully modular and scalable to millions of subscribers.
  • A Full MVNO launched in less than two months.
  • Easy integration with the client’s other solutions (CRM,..)
  • Allows coexistence between legacy and 4G networks.
    • Hybrid nodes acting as transition between GSM/UMTS and LTE and between TDM Voice and IMS.
  • Total isolation between the Virtual network and the Host Network.
  • Multi-vendor interoperability: able to integrate technologies from different manufacturers in the same deployment.

General characteristics of BSS:

  • Complete BSS solution integrated into the JSC Ingenium Core Network
  • BSS services:
    • CRM.
    • Points of Sale.
    • Logistical distributors.
    • Billing system for processing CDRs/EDRs.
    • Workflow manager.
    • Alarms manager.
    • MVNE console: administration.
    • Creation of value added services (optional).
    • Data Mining (optional).
    • Invoicing system.
    • Generic brand portals.
    • Self-care.

The functional areas covered are:

  • Inventory management.
  • Bill finishing.
  • Incidents manager.
  • Number portability management (optional).
  • Interfaces towards points of sale.
  • Interfaces towards “Scoring” companies.
  • Interfaces towards logistical distributors.
  • Event manager and Mediation.
  • Network core provisioning.
  • Mediation layer for external applications.
  • Product definition.
  • Fraud management.