MVNE technology Services

Network services

Services associated with the SIM

  • Dual SIM.
  • Twin Card / 2nd number / Multi MSISDN.
  • Static menu on SIM – languages, CAC, Balance Inquiry, Voicemail, etc.
  • Remote Terminal Configuration Application (OTA).
  • USSD Portal.

SMS services

  • HomeRouting
  • SMS forwarding.
  • Missed call notification.
  • SMS delivery confirmation.
  • Call Back.
  • Data and 3G.
  • Internet access
  • Data service blocking.

Voice services

  • Multi-ring.
  • Call waiting / Call hold.
  • Multiparty.
  • Special numbering (TBD).
  • Caller identification.
  • Hide number.
  • Call restrictions.

Voice Mail services

  • Voicemail.
  • Mailbox message set-up.
  • Access by dialling the long number from another telephone.
  • Message mailbox default language for the client (Multilanguage).
  • Password management
  • VoiceMail to Email.
  • Visual VoiceMail.

Value-added services

  • Chat: SMS, Voz, Bulletin board.

Regulatory services

  • Complementary SMS in Roaming (Inforoaming).
  • Billshock

Prepayment services

  • Credit expiry notification.
  • Balance check: SDN, Call Center u online.
  • Balance transfer.
  • “Call me – I have no credit” notification.
  • Transfer / “Give me credit” request.

Prepayment life cycle management

  • Notification of credit running low.
  • Notification of expiry of credit in X days.
  • Credit expiry notification.
  • Notification of insufficient credit to use a service.
  • Change of status notification .
  • Active/inactive (due to lack of credit or time without recharging) or deactivated/reactivated.
  • “Inactive or locked” notification when beginning a call.
  • Credit top-up notificatio.n

Business services

  • VPN.
  • VPN Convergente.

Self-management services

  • Visual voicemail.
  • Visual call record.
  • Visual SMS record.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Web calendar.

BSS services

  • CRM.
  • Points of Sale.
  • Logistical distributors.
  • Billing system for processing CDRs/EDRs.
  • Workflow manager.
  • Alarms manager.
  • MVNE console: administration.
  • Creation of value added services (optional).
  • Data Mining (optional).
  • Invoicing system.
  • Generic brand portals
  • Self-care.

The functional areas covered are:

  • Inventory management.
  • Bill finishing.
  • Incident manager.
  • Number portability management (optional).
  • Interfaces towards points of sale.
  • Interfaces towards “Scoring” companies.
  • Interfaces towards logistical distributors.
  • Reports.
  • Event manager and Mediation.
  • Network core provisioning.
  • Mediation layer for external applications.
  • Product definition.
  • Fraud management.

Other MVNE/A services

  • Business and technical consultancy.
  • SIM manufacturing.
  • Design and packaging.
  • Development of applications embedded in the SIM.
  • Marketing.
  • Commercialisation.
  • Managed services

Customized services

JSC Ingenium‘s MVNE/A technology enables its clients to develop tailor-made services according to the client’s sector and business needs, working together closely on the design, development and implementation of tailor-made communication solutions, contributing its telecommunications expertise and integrating with the client’s business systems.

The high level of flexibility of its technology means it can go one step further and provide a final, robust, secure and scalable solution that allows your client to optimize their business cost effectively. These can operate directly on the MVNE/A Platform deployed or they can be embedded in the SIM and directly integrated against the systems.

Some examples of the experiences implemented include: money transfer, e-health, logistics-transportation sector, etc.