MVNE technology for MVNOs

  • Full MVNO: complete 3G/4G network infrastructure + OSS (OCS) and BSS.
  • Service provider: OSS (OCS) and BSS.
  • Flexible range based on the MVNO’s needs, from light to full integration with varying degrees of its own infrastructure (modular parts).
  • Highly scalable from a very low entry level.
  • Technological independence from the host operator.
  • Rapid development of new services.
    • Multi-country and multi-brand.

Benefits for the Virtual Operator:

  • High level of flexibility. Enables development and implementation of new and innovative fully customized value-added services.
  • Important reduction of costs associated with the deployment, operation and maintenance of the Virtual Operator.
  • Fast Time to Market. Significantly reduces the time of negotiation, integration and certification with the Host Operator
  • Easy evolution. Enables differentiated evolution of the Virtual’s services with no impact on the Host’s network