MVNE technology for MNOs

  • Network Island: specialized sub-network for Virtual Operators:
    • No impact on the host’s network during the integration of new MVNOs.
    • Protection from subscribers generating high traffic volumes.
    • Low impact on the operation and maintenance of the host’s network.
  • Creation of added value proposals with zero impact on the host’s network.
  • Cloud deployment option.
  • Coexistence/migration/evolution solutions (GSM/UMTS and LTE…).
  • Multi-country and multi-brand.

MVNA technology

JSC Ingenium‘s MVNA – Mobile Virtual Network Agregator- technology allows independent companies to operate as Mobile Services Platforms, covering the search for and selection of candidates, negotiation with each one, to the integration, operation and maintenance of each one.

Benefits for the Host:

  • Cutting-edge MVNE/A technology:
    • Tested and operational in five countries, serving more than 40 MVNOs.
    • Fully modular and scalable to millions of subscribers
    • Technology developed in-house: total control and flexibility.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Host’s Network:
    • Proven experience in integrating new MVNOs and developing and implementing differentiated services with ZERO IMPACT on the Operator’s Network
  • High level of flexibility. Allows you to respond to the specific demands of MVNOs quickly and to offer innovative solutions that are suitable for their business models and target audiences in terms of cost and functionality.
  • Provides access to niche subscribers with tailored offers, which the MNO does not currently reach, either because they are not interested or because their overall range does not meet the needs of that niche.
  • Fast Time to Market. Implementation of the MVNE/A Platform in less than four months.