MVNE technology

JSC Ingenium‘s MVNE technology provides the necessary infrastructure (OSS and BSS) for companies wishing to offer mobile telephony services, or which are already operating and want to become a Full Operator to have a higher level of independence and flexibility.

  • Complete Core 3G/4G network
  • Complete BSS solution integrated into the JSC Ingenium Core Network
  • Total isolation between Host and Virtual networks, allowing changes in the MVNE that are transparent for the Host
  • Allows coexistence between legacy and 4G networks
    • Hybrid nodes acting as transition between GSM/UMTS and LTE and between TDM Voice and IMS.

It also has:

BSS Solution

Complete BSS solution integrated into the JSC Ingenium Core Network

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Net Tool Suite

Design, operation
and maintenance tool
for a full Core Network

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Secure environment within the Operator’s Core Network for the management and operation of apps

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Network Island

The Network Island deployment model protects the host’s network and the MVNE’s autonomy, increasing flexibility compared to MVNOs and vastly improving the Time to Market


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