Managed Services

Progressive transfer

  • support during the first few months of operation.
  • practical training for the client’s team.
  • transfer to the client’s team.

Fully managed services

  • full responsibility for operations based on SLAs -Service Level Agreement-.
  • customer information through KPIs.
  • regular review in the operations committee.


Technical SLAs

  • Levels of support based on the criticality of the service.
  • List of tasks based on the level of support.
  • Response/restoration/resolution times by medium level.
  • Escalation Matrix.
  • Production of KPIs.
  • Preventive support.

Business SLAs

  • Outsourcing of business operations.
  • Main tasks and service level based on:
    • Target time.
    • Maximum simultaneous operations.
    • Maximum monthly operations.