M2M Platform Experience

Experience in the management and operation of M2M services in the following areas:

Social/Health (Telephone helplines)

  • Geolocation of “elderly-dependents” both inside and outside their homes
  • Geolocation by area, identifying arrivals and departures
  • Fall detection
  • Inactivity alarms


  • Trespass alerts
  • Smoke, fire, gas, fall detection alarms,..
  • Remote control of alarm
  • Remote control of installed cameras

Fleet control

  • e-call
  • Fleet control/tracking
  • Remote control:
    • Journeys by each vehicle
    • Exact location at all times
    • Average journey times
    • Driving types
    • Stops


  • Emergency call
  • Remote control of incidents
  • Remote control of elevator status: Open/close doors, go up/down floor, parameter settings,..
  • Remote control of the elevator by the technician called out


  • Geolocation of distribution teams, technical personnel, etc.
  • Remote control of
    • Stock on rails
    • Sales
    • Coins for change
    • Operational incidents


  • Remote reading and monitoring of water, electricity, gas meters etc.
  • Detection of incidents and remote reboot of devices