M2M Plataform for Mobile Operators

It enables Mobile Operators to meet the increasing demand from integrators and device manufacturers, in terms of both connectivity and increasingly specialized and complex M2M services:

  • very flexible: to meet the demand for new initiatives and new business models, while reacting quickly to changes in the industry/competition.
  • operationally cost efficient: enabling them to optimize the operation of the service and provide a competitive solution for the market.
  • completely secure: isolating the Operator’s Network and protecting it against new deployments.

JSC - M2M: Mobile Operators

Main characteristics:

  • Centralized integration of all integrators/manufacturers.
  • Operational independence in integrations and maintenance of different integrators/manufacturers.
  • Rapid deployment of new verticals: less than one month.
  • Creation of client profiles enabling services to be monetized.
  • Vertical interface:
    • Secure voice, data and SMS VPN.
    • Delegated IP address assignment (public and private).
    • Continuous information about relevant events in the network: event detail records / triggers (WS SOAP, HTTP Rest).
    • Portfolio of M2M value-added services specialized by sector.
  • • Assignment of IP addresses to devices (Supervised and VPN).
    • Internal dynamic (pool-based).
    • Internal fixed (self-configurable).
    • Delegated to client (Radius).
  • Secured access:
    • IMEI check.
    • Expected location check.
    • Tailored service profile.
    • Network registry history.
  • • End-to-End Secured Traffic:
    • Redundant VPNs.
    • Denial of service protection.
    • Fraud protection.
    • No hyperactivity.
  • Business control.
    • Real Time traffic/cost metering.
    • Service Monetizing, Rating and Billing.
    • Revenue Assurance.
  • Real time traffic control.
    • Multi-service intelligent network.
    • Real time traffic metering.
  • Supervised and self-configured traffic routing:
    • The network operator decides which traffic routing options are available for clients.
    • Clients self-configure traffic routing.
    • The operator is notified of any changes.
  • Flexible operations model:
    • Full management of services.
      • Full responsibility for operation of service based on Service Level Agreements.
      • Reporting via a complete set of KPIs to customer. Periodic review at the operation steering committee.
    • Internal operations management.
  • Business model:
    • per connected device.
    • purchase of the Platform.

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