BSS System Internal modules

Real Time Network GW
Real-time control of all events generated by the Network for validation by BSS.

Report Manager
Report creation and management tool. For sending reports to the people assigned by the client, on the date and in the format selected.

Generation and issuing of invoices: groups all the data in one document (client data, detailed consumption of voice, sms, data roaming services, etc.).

Product Editor
Tool for creating and modifying a billable “product” or “service”.

Ticket system
System for creating and managing incident tickets, changes, queries, requests … with either the CAC, Support Level 1, Level 2, operations, Host, …

Inventory Manager
Inventory control and management module. Lets you know the existing inventory stock (terminals, SIM cards, MSISDNs, etc) – at any moment and store – incoming and outgoing items, and allows you to calculate the average time to be able to process stocks.

Payment GW
Gateway for payments. Integrated with payment platforms: banking networks, ATM networks, top-up institutions,..

Fault Management System
Allows you to identify, analyze and quickly respond to any fraud attack.

*Service Delivery Platform (optional)
Graphic environment for creating value-added services for voice, SMS, data, USSD, etc. easily and simply. Includes a suite of business and client applications.

BSS Provisioning GW
Provisioning of all subscriber profiles and their characteristics to the Network (network services, barred, CAMEL attributes, vouchers, pricing plans,..).

Reconciliation of events generated by the Network with accounting-invoicing by BSS.

MVNx Console client
Client Management Console for the MVNx.

Batch Network GW
Gateway for batch management/provisioning (mass migrations, etc…).

Event Manager & Mediation
Network event and mediation manager – internal, before reconciliation.

Campaign Manager
Module for creating managing promotional campaigns. Enables planning of promotions launches.

Scoring GW
Gateway to connect an external Scoring company (risk assessment of clients in a contract in order provide them with services with a specific risk).

Portability management node. Processing of portability requests against the management body in each country if centralized or against all the country’s hosts if distributed.

Fraud Management System
E.g. portability provision errors, product assignment errors, Core provision errors,..