BSS System External modules

Core Network Integration

Real-time Provisioning GW
Real-time Provisioning GW.

Alarm Management System
System for monitoring and management of network service and element alarms: devices, communications, remote connections,..

Batch file management.

Top-up GW
Integration with top-up institutions -prepayment clients-.

Integration with third parties

Credit/debit Card Network
Integration with bank card networks -credit and debit-.

Logistics Provider
Logistics provider.

Central MNP
Portability Node hub.

Scoring Provider
Client credit rating supplier.

Invoice printing
Sending invoices for printing, manipulation and dispatch (Printing house).

SMS messaging centre.

Email server
Email server.

Integration with the clients’ systems


Financial System
Integration with ERP systems: SAP, JD.Edwards, People Solft, SAGE,..

Ticketing System
Ticketing System to track incidents, queries, changes, requests, etc.

White Label Portal
White label web portal for MVNO -personalisation optional-.

External Portal client
Web portal of the MVNO.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale: store, purchasing unit, physical store.

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