JSC Ingenium offers a comprehensive range of modular and easily operable 3G and 4G Network Infrastructure for Mobile Operators. A complete layer of state of the art services has been developed on this Network Infrastructure:

JSC Ingenium - Deployment model
JSC Ingenium - Building M2M ecosystem
JSC - Policy and charging control

Main characteristics of all the network elements designed by JSC Ingenium:

  • They are programmable. They allow very simple:
    • Creation of new services based on each one.
    • Introduction of modifications.
    • Inclusion of new functionalities.
  • Their architecture has high availability and redundancy mechanisms. Availability is generally better than 99.999 %.
  • Designed so that integration with external devices is minimal, providing a high level of flexibility.
  • Designed with a high level of scalability.
    • Scalability upwards: expansions supported, with no need to add new processing nodes.
    • Scalability downwards: subdivision of capacity among different clients supported.