Telco Apps

Telco Apps is a new category of applications that are integrated directly with APP CORE, a secure environment within the Operator’s Core Network, which provides services to the subscriber that only the Operator can provide.

  • Secure for the operator’s network.
  • Scalable to all subscribers and their devices.
  • Personalised the operator’s name, logo and colours.
  • Open to the functionalities required by the operator.
JSC Ingenium Telco Apps

  • The apps are connected via Web Services to the Operator’s Core through data networks, either 3G/4G, a fixed or Wi-fi network.
  • The APP CORE facilitates the apps’ relationship with the operator’s CORE (AS, Notification Center, etc.): it validates the user, authorizes the service, and records the activity.

Telco App: miOperador

Telco App: Comuniqué. WiFi offload solution

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