Net Tool Suite

«Suite of Network Core design, operation and maintenance tools from a single point of access»
  • Full control of the Network Core based on a set of parameters, maintenance actions, KPIs/trace information, etc…
  • Offers a uniform user experience regardless of the deployment and tailored to specific needs.
  • One portal – various roles. A single access point enables personalized functionalities to suit each user, based on each role.
  • Management, Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools. Tools oriented at tasks designed to enhance the users’ learning curve and their effectiveness.
  • Tools aimed at subscribers, services and elements.

JSC Ingenium: Tool Suite

1.- NetCore Manager / NetCore Architect

2.- Service Core Manager

3.- Profile Manager

4.- Price and Policy Plan Editor / Simulator

5.- CDR / Trace Console

6.- NetCore Console

7.- Service Core Console

8.- Monitoring

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