The new smart help system for operators

«It guides customer care agents when opening a task or notifying an incident in a fast, structured and integral way»


  • It centralises all requests and service incidents.
  • It compiles all the relevant data in a structured way and with the required level of detail.
  • It completes the information using traces, diagnosis and system checks.
  • It speeds up incident detection, diagnosis and resolution.
  • It optimises resolution time, avoiding downtimes: blind tests, requesting more information from customers…
  • It optimises timely and appropriate resolution of incidents, improving customer satisfaction.
  • It allows agents to be independent in incident diagnosis and resolution.
  • It optimises the work of the teams involved.
«Its smart system allows customer care agents to open a ticket (query, incident, request…) in a quick, guided and comprehensive way»
JSC Ingenium: MINOS

MINOS the new smart help system for operators


  • It makes it possible to open a ticket (query, incident, request…) in a quick, guided and comprehensive way.
  • It performs prior diagnosis of the issue during the request opening itself.
  • It offers customised flows according to the deployed services.
  • It is integrated with the ticketing platform; it makes it possible to follow-up on the status of an incident.
  • It is integrated with smart monitoring and diagnosis tools (Pharos and Brain).
  • It forwards the incident to the specialised team (Core/BSS/Operations).

It includes a wide range of requests: Incident opening, Voucher configuration, VPN activation, SIM orders, Report configuration…


  • It automatically collects all the possible information (traces, cdrs…) of the incident for subsequent analysis.
  • Its auto-diagnosis capacity makes it possible to detect, verify and identify an incident in real time.
  • It is able to categorise incident criticality, prioritising the most urgent cases.
  • Capaz de categorizar el nivel de criticidad de la incidencia, priorizando los casos más urgentes.
  • It is able to detect in situ whether it is a duplicated ticket or a known issue, updating the information with the support teams, in order to make the most of resources.
JSC Ingenium: MINOS
It offers 24/7 technical support and is operated in each country by a specialised and local team of experts with a deep knowledge of the customer’s technology and business. This allows them to be aware at all times about what repercussions an incident may have on a certain service or on the business itself.