LTE Compact Core

  • Ultra-fast full Core LTE deployment, ready to start work.
  • Designed for TD-LTE / FD-LTE
  • eNodeB Multi-vendor: Integration with various vendors, even for the same deployment.
  • Scalability for platform growth in terms of number of subscribers, from very low entry levels – from 5,000 subscribers.

General characteristics:

  • IP address assignment: dynamic, static and “delegated”.
  • Integration with other networks: 3G, Fixed, Wi-Fi, WiMAX,..
  • Lite-DPI Integrated (Deep Packet Inspection).
  • • Full integration with FirewatchJSC Ingenium‘s PCC solution-.

JSC Ingenium - LTE CORE

Management tools

  • Node-oriented tools
    • Diagnosis and management of network nodes
  • Service-oriented tools
    • IP address management
    • General diagnosis
    • Traffic reports
    • Service incidents