The smart advanced support system

«JSC Ingenium’s revolutionary new system has been designed to speed up and simplify MVNOs’ support tasks to the maximum when identifying the root cause of incidents»

It allows users to:

  • Have a single search point where all platform traces, from any protocol or data source, can be found centrally.
  • Visualise all the traces related to the service that users are searching, regardless of the protocol or complexity.
  • Filter information using specific searches, limited by any of the fields indexed from the frames.
  • Remove and export traces to simplify information sharing and incident escalation.
  • Compare service flows interactively to simplify the differential diagnosis.
Brain compiles data from the different nodes (HLR, MSC, STP, MGW…) that appear during the provision of a mobile service – call, SMS, data, register… – in real time and unifies and indexes that information. In just a few seconds, users can visualise all traces related to the service that they are searching, regardless of the protocol or complexity. Brain presents the traces visually as a flow diagram, which considerably simplifies its analysis. The system enables interactive analysis by filtering and analysing in detail the information collected.
«In a matter of seconds, Brain makes it possible to have all subscribers’ service information available for a deep interactive analysis»

Main advantages:

  • Connection of different traces and protocols

    As traces of a single data deposit are unified, Brain can apply specialised algorithms to determine the connection between them. These connections are indexed, so that retrieving information from a given service is virtually immediate. It has been proven that it might take more than an hour to connect traces of a complex service by logging SIP, Camel, MAP and Diameter. However, thanks to Brain you can receive all the essential information in seconds.

  • Real-time analysis

    It makes it possible to complete frame information, by offering data that do not appear in the service traces themselves, but which are obtained by analysing them. For example, the final result of a call, the duration, the quality of an Internet connection, and so on.

  • Download of previously-filtered pcap and log files in seconds

    Since the frames are indexed, it is not necessary to analyse the ones included in the pcap file; Brain does it automatically and instantly. In addition, following this philosophy, the system allows replicating it with text files of logs of apps, CDR, EDR, and the like.

  • Increased information retention

    Brain uses very efficient storage mechanisms that allow subscribers’ information to be stored for a long time. Brain can use storage mechanisms in the cloud, which allows for the retention of as much information as is necessary.

  • Ease of analysis by support teams

    The system lets you know instantly whether a certain service has been processed by the network or not, avoiding downtime for the support team. The information is presented as a flow diagram, which means that you can see straight away all the frames, gaps or time delays between them. Brain also offers the option to compare frames automatically, showing the differences using a colour code.