Deploy any mobile service effectively, securely and quickly

JSC Ingenium - Integration with different vendors

Find out about all the advantages of a Core Infrastructure designed and conceived to adapt to any environment-technology and to any business model.

Control Your Network Core completely autonomously!

JSC - Maintenance suite of tools

You can operate your Network Core completely autonomously, from a single access point, customizing functionalities by roles.

Main advantages of JSC Ingenium’s Core Network solution

  • High degree of compliance with standards, enabling cooperative use of equipment from different manufacturers.
  • High capacity for customization to take that equipment to its maximum capacity.
  • High level of independence between the various teams managing the platform: technical, business, systems, etc.
  • Some network nodes, such as HLR/HSS and GGSN/PDN-GW, allow interchangeable and simultaneous deployment and operation in both technologies without additional equipment.
High level of flexibility
  • To develop your own pricing plans, promotional campaigns, price plans…
  • To develop new services and integrate new service nodes.
  • Based on a reduced access cost, with enormous potential for growth.
  • General purpose hardware.

Scalability for deployments that meet the needs of companies and their subscriber bases. JSC Ingenium‘s Core Network technology can be deployed from an initial level of 10,000 subscribers to millions.

JSC Ingenium‘s LTE technology is designed to operate in an LTE Mobile environment and in other environments, such as picocells, femtocells and rural broadband Internet access.