• The survey carried out by SUTEL, Costa Rica’s Telecommunications Regulator, recognizes Fullmóvil as the most valuable Mobile Operator for the users.

Every year, SUTEL carries out a survey to review the Mobile Operators users’ experience. In the 5000 telephone surveys, 1000 users of each Operator, the respondents were asked about:

  • Personal attention
  • Customer Care by phone
  • Service delivery
  • Failure repair
  • Service Operation

Fullmóvil has been the winner in the 2014 final survey results, ahead of all the mobile operators in Costa Rica: Telefónica-Movistar, ICE-Kobi, Claro and Tuyo Móvil (MVNO).

Fullmóvil is an MVNO in Costa Rica using ICE’s -Costa Rican Electricity Institute- network and offering prepaid Mobile Telephony and Internet services. Its network has more than 50.000 top up points of sales. In February 2014, Fullmóvil was acquired by RACSA -Radiográfica Costarricense-, ICE’s subsidiary.

Logo Operador Fullmóvil

Fullmovil started to offer services as MVNO in 2011 (first FULL MVNO -with own HLR- in Latam area) using both JSC Ingenium’s CORE R3 technology and BSS system.

For further information: www.fullmóvil.cr