3G / 4G Network infrastructure

“Multiple networks, multiple technologies, multiple services and one user. Our vision: to make it possible. Any service, on any network, with any technology. An experience.”

JSC Ingenium has a comprehensive, tried and tested range of 3G and 4G Network Infrastructure for Mobile Operators. The company is firmly committed in this respect. All its R+D efforts are focused on continued growth and always having a cutting-edge Network Infrastructure portfolio, which can provide a solution to the constant everyday challenges that face Mobile Operators who want to compete and stand out in value terms.

Always with JSC‘s imprint and distinguishing features of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Infraestructura Core 3G/4G de JSC Ingenium

JSC Ingenium’s 3G/4G Core Infrastructure is developed completely in-house, enabling the creation of new and innovative services, quick and secure deployment without endangering the Host’s Network, and direct operation by the customer with complete autonomy using the Net Tool Suite – a package of design, operation and maintenance tools for a complete Network Core-. Interoperability with other manufacturers is possible at all times.

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