Focus on the client

JSC Ingenium carries out its developments and projects with a high level of involvement, and always from the client’s point of view, maintaining a close focus on the problems raised and seeking an economy of resources. The challenge is to offer our customers simplicity in complex contexts. Technical and cost efficiency is one of our distinguishing features.


Some of the company’s values have changed over the years. The position that JSC has attained as a leading international provider means that we must always lead the way in the industry in terms of innovation, range and service, and always seek professional excellence and meet the most stringent quality standards.

Passion for a job well done

The passion with which the company started in 1996 remains vital years later to continue with our work, trying to stay one step ahead, creating value, looking for innovative solutions and revolutionizing creativity and teamwork.

Our team

Our team of professionals has been the cornerstone on which everything has been built since our earliest days. Our formula of working as a team, committed to the same goal, combining efforts, respecting opinions and identifying strengths is the key to achieving success.

Ethical code

JSC Ingenium is governed by a series of principles and values that make up the code of conduct that all employees adhere to, and which includes the set of values, principles and criteria that must guide their behaviour during their professional activities. Acceptance of it implies adherence to a set of values that guarantees the opportunity to do their work in an atmosphere of total respect for the individual, society and the environment.

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