Ingenium Group

The Ingenium Group was established in 2009 with the aim of bringing together the various subsidiaries in the group, combining efforts and acting as a centralized services platform for all of them. It is 100% Spanish-owned, and its ultimate goal is to provide the necessary financial backing to ensure the viability of the various companies and enable new telecommunications projects to be undertaken, mainly in the development of infrastructure and network services, in fixed and mobile telephony.

The business structure of the Ingenium Group consists of:

JSC Ingenium is a Telecommunications Engineering company specializing in Core Network Technologies for Mobile Operators – MNOs and MVNOs.

It offers a full range of 3G and 4G Core Network Infrastructure, and a suite of NGN Service Enablers for smooth coexistence and phased migration from 3G to 4G technologies.

JSC Ingenium also includes BSS solutions in its range in order to offer its customers comprehensive turnkey solutions.
Logotipo JSC

SUMA offers mobile telephony services as an MVNA Platform. It was founded in Spain in 2012, when it was called IOS -Ingenium Outsourcing Services. It currently has more than 25 deployed MVNOs and is present in Spain, Colombia and Chile, which makes it a leading international Mobile Services Platform. It has a complete Full Core – BSS/OSS platform, ready to operate in 2G/3G/4G networks. It enables rapid deployment of any mobile business model, and multiple virtual networks can be operated completely independently.

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Alai Secure is the first M2M/IoT operator specialized in Telco Security.

It operates in Spain since 2005 with an TMC Operator License (R02005/1325). It’s specialized in the management of Critical Communications in sectors like private security and social health. It also has a wide experience in other sectors as vending, elevators, utilities, fleet control and access control.

In 2015 it launched its High Performance SIM, special for M2M/IoT communications.

JSC Ingenium - Grupo Ingenium Alineasol

Alinea Software Solutions is based in Pontevedra. Its main clients are telecommunications operators, MVNOs, hardware and software suppliers, and specialised service providers in the telecommunications sector. It supplies products and services to a wide range of SMEs in different sectors. Its products range from small downloadable applications that run automatically, to a comprehensive range for using integrated voice and web portals. Its SaaS range includes virtual PBX, mobile marketing, campaign management, routing services and call centre records, complete self-care personal communication applications and CRM.

On July, 2018, the Private Equity fund Alantra PEF III acquires a majority stake in Grupo Ingenium Tecnología. In addition, the transaction includes the incorporation of 100% of Alineasol (specialized in the creation of customer service technology and business support systems), a company which now becomes an integral part of Grupo Ingenium.

The agreement between Alantra and Grupo Ingenium reaffirms its willingness to continue investing in new projects with great projection of international growth and is the recognition of a well done job.