Ingenium Group

The Ingenium Group was established in 2009 with the aim of bringing together the various subsidiaries in the group, combining efforts and acting as a centralized services platform for all of them. It is 100% Spanish-owned, and its ultimate goal is to provide the necessary financial backing to ensure the viability of the various companies and enable new telecommunications projects to be undertaken, mainly in the development of infrastructure and network services, in fixed and mobile telephony.

The business structure of the Ingenium Group consists of:

JSC Ingenium is a Telecommunications Engineering company specializing in Core Network Technologies for Mobile Operators – MNOs and MVNOs. It offers a full range of 3G and 4G Core Network Infrastructure, and a suite of NGN Service Enablers for smooth coexistence and phased migration from 3G to 4G technologies.

JSC Ingenium also includes BSS solutions in its range in order to offer its customers comprehensive turnkey solutions.
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Alai Telecom is a telecommunications operator, with an TMC Operator License (R02005/1325) and it own numbering, dedicated exclusively to Intelligent Network Services for businesses. Alai has been operating since 2005. It specializes in Intelligent Network traffic management – offering the highest standards in terms of safety and availability of service, and developing tailor-made value-added services, providing value and personalizing final solutions to the specific needs of each type of client.
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IOS · Ingenium Outsourcing Services has been operating as a Mobile Services Platform for Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) on the Orange España Network since 2012.

IOS uses JSC Ingenium‘s 3G/4G MVNE technology and offers a complete service –CORE + BSS – for companies interested in providing mobile telephony services.

As of early 2015, 17 brands are providing mobile telephony services on the IOS platform.

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Alai Secure is the first M2M operator in Spain that offers an exclusively “machine to machine” service. It operates on the Platform of IOS – Ingenium Outsourcing Services – and Orange’s Network in Spain. It’s specialized in the management of Critical Communications in sectors like security and telecare. It also has a wide experience in other sectors as vending, metering, elevators, fleet control,.. In 2014 it launched its new High Performance SIM – a card designed especially for M2M communications, five times more durable and much more resistant under adverse conditions of use such as humidity, temperature, vibration, shock, etc..

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